Elastic Adhesive Bandage

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Assists with the prevention of joint injury
Supports joints, tendons and ligaments
Remains fixed during rigorous exercise
Strong, cotton-based construction


Elastic Adhesive Bandage

The Elastoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage is ideal for stabilising joints, tendons and ligaments during vigorous exercise. Firmly wrap around the ankle, wrist, or any other highly-used joint to prevent injury caused by muscle stress and fatigue.


The cotton-based cloth construction allows this elastic adhesive bandage to remain breathable and strong, while still containing enough elasticity to allow for regular movement.  An aggressive-sticking zinc oxide adhesive on the underside of the bandage means it will stay in place during rigorous physical activity.


The Elastoplast Elastic Adhesive Bandage also features a central yellow line that assists in the correct bandaging alignment.


While this elastic adhesive bandage is designed for injury prevention, it can also be used to support existing muscle injuries, such as hamstring or calf strains.

How to Use

Conduct a patch test on your arm or regularly taped area so that you can gauge if you are allergic to the rubber zinc oxide adhesive bandage.

Packaging Size

Code Size Quantity Colour Carton
Code: 37005 Size: 50mm x 3m Quantity: 1 Roll Colour: White Carton: 10 x 6
Code: 37007 Size: 75mm x 3m Quantity: 1 Roll Colour: White Carton: 10 x 6

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