Elastoplast Silicone Soft

New Silicone Soft Plasters

Ideal for people with fragile, irritated or sensitive skin. With its innovative plaster technology, Silicone Soft delivers the perfect balance between secure adhesion and 100% pain-free removal.
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Gold Loyalty Program

Limited Edition
Coloured Plasters

Don’t worry, be happy! Add a little colour to your life with a new range of bright and patterned plasters. Joyful designs and fun colours come together with trusted wound care.
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Elastoplast Sports
Gold Loyalty Rewards Program

Spend over $1,750 on Elastoplast Sport
and/or Elastoplast and/or Leuko Sports
products and be eligible for the
Gold Loyalty Reward Pack
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Back pain myths - Elastoplast

The 5 most
common myths
about back pain

True or untrue? Don’t believe everything you hear about back pain. Especially not the part about having to accept it!
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SOS Blisterplaster
Pocket Pack

Find out how to immediately relieve
blister pain – on heels and toes.
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