• 1/1 Knee Strap
  • 1/1 Knee Strap

Adjustable Knee Strap

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Targeted support for the knee cap
Stabilises the knee joint
Provides relief from patella tendonitis (runner's knee)
Prevents re-injury


Adjustable Knee Strap

The Elastoplast Knee Strap works to provide relief from patella tendonitis, commonly known as “runner’s knee”. It also helps stabilise the knee joint after surgery on the meniscus or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

The adjustable knee strap is made from moisture wicking material and provides a custom fit for targeted support to the knee cap and joint. Materials used in the Elastoplast Knee Strap include neoprene, nylon, polyester and polyurethane foam.

Latex-free, soft to the touch and wearable on either knee to help prevent injury or re-injury from overuse.


To Fit Sizes Range: 32cm – 45cm

How to Use

Step 1

Position pressure pad directly under kneecap, facing skin.

Step 2

Loop strap through buckle.

Step 3

Adhere fastener to required fit.

Note: Seek medical advice if in any doubt about your injury.

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