How to strap an ankle

How to Strap an Ankle – Strapping with adhesive tape and bandages can be important for the prevention and management of ankle injuries. Learn how to strap an ankle with our basic taping methods.

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How to Strap an Ankle

Basic Ankle Strapping Methods

A. Anchor - provides a firm base to attach the other Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape in 38mm or 50mm.

B. Stirrup - a vertical "U" piece of tape, supporting either side of the ankle.

C. Spur - a horizontal stirrup that holds the ankle in position.

D. Basket-weave - Stirrups and spurs in half overlapping layers to build a pattern.

E. Locking straps - short circular tapes to cover all exposed skin and lock down the tape job.

F. Foam padding - used to fill in hollows, compress swelling and pad sensitive areas. Try Leukofoam to cushion, support and add protection in conjunction with taping and bandaging.

G. Figure of six - to support and reinforce one side of the ankle. Starts as a stirrup and crosses to form a six.

H. Interlocking sixes - the over-lapping tapes provide excellent support to one side of the joint.

I. Half-Heel Lock - Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape in 38mm or 25mm is applied over the finished tape job to firmly lock in the ankle joint.

J. First Half-Heel Lock - the tape makes a 'U' to lock in one side of the heel.

K. Second Half-Heel Lock - opposite to the first. Supports the other side and further restricts ankle movement.

L. Figure-8 Bandage - used with an Elastoplast Crepe Bandage for light compression of the ankle to reduce swelling.

M. Figure-8 - also used with 75mm or 50 mm Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage for strong support.

N. Spica - the thumb spica is a repeated figure-8. You can use 25 mm rigid or Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage or Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape.

O. Elastic and Rigid Tape Together - a combination of Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage and Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape provides optimal support.

P. Full Heel Lock with Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage in 75mm - another way of overwrapping rigid tape for firm support. It is like two half heel locks without stopping.

Q. Spiral taping - (white tape) complete the overwrapping technique to completely encase the Elastoplast Sport Rigid Strapping Tape.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner

Always see your doctor if the wound is deep, bleeding or shows signs of infection like reddening, swelling or warmth.  

Also make sure to seek medical help if you are not able to clean the wound properly.
In case you have diabetes a proper wound care is of special importance. Always discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor and/or podiatrist, even for the care of minor wounds and skin cracks – especially on your feet.
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