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Hi-Stretch Support and Compression Bandages

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Ideal for faster reduction of swelling following soft tissue injury
Highly elastic compression bandage
Extra high stretch when treating a soft tissue injury
Faster recovery when using RICER technique


The Elastoplast Hi-Stretch Support and Compression Bandage is a highly elastic compression bandage, which offers good compression for soft tissue injury treatment. It can be used within the acute phases of soft tissue injuries, such as bruising, corked thighs or sprained ankles.  The Hi-Stretch bandage is particularly useful in conjunction with the RICER technique.

RICER technique (RICER = Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral.)

  1. Wet/soak the Elastoplast Hi-Stretch bandage in cold water and apply an initial compression bandage application covering the affected area.
  2. Insert the Elastoplast Cold Pack onto the bandaged area and directly over the injury site. If you have cold allergy issues, be sure that the Cold Pack does not go directly onto the skin.
  3. Continue to finish off the compression bandaging technique incorporating the Elastoplast Cold Pack.
  4. The patient can then elevate the limb (if knee or ankle) to assist in veinous return and improved faster swelling reduction.
  5. Repeat this technique every 2 hours where possible for the first 48 – 72 hours following injury. This cold compression application assists in faster recovery and swelling reduction for earlier safe return to your chosen activity.

How to Use

How to use

Clean and dry the skin. Firmly wrap the injured area overlapping the bandage by a half to two thirds in a spiral bandaging technique formation. When bandaging around a joint (i.e. knee or ankle) use a figure 8 bandaging technique. To assist in securing the bandage, at the end of the technique do not apply any stretch or pressure on the last 10cm of application. Always ensure the binding is comfortable. Should any numbness or tingling sensation arise, unwrap the bandage & rebind less tightly.

Packaging Size

Product Type Size Quantity
Product: Hi-Stretch Support and Compression Bandage Type: Package Size Image Size:  7.5cm x 7m (stretched) Quantity :  1 Bandage
Product:  Conforming Bandage Type: Package Size Image Size:  10cm x 7m (stretched) Quantity :  1 Bandage

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