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Preventing Sports Injuries – Sports injuries can often be prevented. Elastoplast Sport offers this checklist as a guide to help prevent sports injuries.

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Things to Consider
Have you stretched and warmed up your muscles and ligaments? 
  • Cold muscles, tendons and ligaments are more vulnerable to injury
Are you adequately hydrated?
  • Playing in hot weather will result in extra fluid loss (dehydration)
  • Dehydration contributes to fatigue and may make you more susceptible to cramps, heat stress and heat stroke
  • Children are at a greater risk of heat stress
Have you strapped or taped areas of potential stress or injury?
  • Strapping can be used to support a weak or injured joint and to protect healthy limbs. Strapping also reduces the recurrence of injury by as much as two-thirds. Find out how to apply sports strapping tape with our guide.
Are you using the right equipment for the sport you are playing?
  • Types of equipment include: eyewear, mouthguards, wrist, elbow, knee and shin guards, helmets, tapes and braces. See Elastoplast’s range of Support and Braces here.
  • Choose footwear carefully, preferably with professional advice
  • Using the proper equipment helps reduce the risk of incurring injuries by the sports participant
Have you protected your mouth?
  • Mouthguards help prevent tooth damage or loss, reduce cuts to the lip, mouth and tongue and decrease susceptibility to jaw fractures and risk of concussion
Are you using a safe playing environment and following rules and regulations?
  • A safe environment will reduce the number of potential injuries
  • Avoid playing on poor, wet or slippery surfaces and watch out for lack of goalpost padding or safety netting.
  • Allow an inspection of the playing area before commencing activity to ensure there are no dangers eg pot holes, obstacles or sharp objects
  • Rules and regulations of the game need to be clearly outlined and enforced and sometimes modified for children
  • The likelihood of incurring an injury is dramatically enhanced if suitable rules and regulations are not adopted
Do you have the proper technique and have you adequately trained?
  • Correct techniques and appropriate training helps improve fitness. You can minimise injury by keeping an eye on increases in activity and not doing ‘too much, too soon’