Leukoband Lite

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Hand-tearable adhesive bandage
Assists with injury prevention
Strong yet flexible support
Hand-tearable for ease of use


Leukoband Lite is a hand-tearable adhesive bandage that provides moderate compression and firm muscle support during vigorous physical activity. Suited to overwrapping Leuko Rigid Strapping Tape and securing wound dressings. Overwrapping with Leukoband Lite further restricts muscle and joint movement, providing extra stabilisation and preventing injury or re-injury.


With an ultra-lightweight cotton/polyurethane construction, Leukoband Lite adhesive bandages are ideal for support and bandaging during various sporting activities. Hand-tearability allows for fast, easy application on and off the field, while the adhesive backing ensures a firm grip and no loose ends during play.


Leukoband Lite is also a practical option for emergency bandaging – allowing for immediate treatment of sprains, strains and bleeding injuries. Suitable to be applied for preventative or post-injury bandaging.

How to Use

Conduct a patch test on your arm or regularly taped area so that you can gauge if you are allergic to the rubber zinc oxide adhesive bandage.

Packaging Size

Code Size Quantity Carton
Code: 76113 Size: 5cm x 3.5cm Quantity: 24 Rolls Carton: 1 Pack
Code: 76114 Size: 7.5cm x 3.5cm Quantity: 16 Rolls Carton: 1 Pack

FAQ (1)

  • What is a support bandage?

    A support bandage is a bandage that provides structural support to other applied bandaging or gauze in any given area of the body. Usually used as an overwrap, support bandaging is generally lighter and more elastic than the bandaging it supports.

    It keeps the main body of bandaging securely in place and helps absorb extra force from movement. It’s useful to look for adhesive support bandaging such as Leukoband Lite. An adhesive backing further reinforces the support bandage’s capability to stabilise a wrap and provide extra stabilisation.

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