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Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Designed for Patello Femoral Taping
Strong, rigid construction
Rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass


Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages provide compression and support of muscles and joints during vigorous physical activity.


A lightweight, flexible construction makes these elastic adhesive bandages suitable for preventing injury through stabilisation and compression. Best used for sports taping where a combination of flexibility and strength are needed, such as in the grooves of joints. Can be used to overwrap rigid strapping tapes or secure wound dressings in an emergency.


The strength and porosity of this adhesive bandage allows it to remain in place during extended physical activity. Leukoband is constructed from 100% cotton backing material with an aggressive zinc oxide adhesive mass – making it ideal for professional sports use.


Code Size Quantity Carton
1077 5cm x 2.75m 12 Rolls 12 Packs
1078 7.5cm x 2.75m 12 Rolls 8 Packs

How to Use

Conduct a patch test on your arm or regularly taped area so that you can gauge if you are allergic to the rubber zinc oxide adhesive bandage.


FAQ (1)

  • 1. What are adhesive bandages?

    An adhesive bandage is a bandage that is sticky on one side. The adhesion makes these particular type of bandages useful in sporting activities. By sticking to the skin, adhesive bandages allow players to benefit from full support and compression without worrying about anything coming loose.

    Adhesive bandages work by restricting certain muscle and joint movements when wrapped properly. This allows sportspeople and athletes using them to recover faster and avoid injury in general.


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