Knee Support

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Support weak or injured knees
Relieves pain from arthritis
Comfortable, firm compression
Can be worn everyday


Knee Support

Elastoplast Knee Support provides basic support for weak or injured knees. The breathable material can be worn comfortably all day, providing moderate compression and warmth. Warmth can reduce discomfort or swelling that may be present in and around the knee joint and tendons.

Gives knee support with a contoured shape for optimal fit and protection – ideal for those experiencing osteoarthritis, arthritis or meniscus injury. Can improve mobility and prevent injury or re-injury.


To Fit Sizes Range:

Medium: 37cm – 43cm
Large: 43cm – 49cm


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Code Size Quantity Colour
46992 M 1 Hangsell Tan
46993 L 1 Hangsell Tan

How to Use

Step 1

Starting with the wider end, slide the support up the leg and over the knee.

Step 2

Ensure that the lighter more contoured area is at the front of the knee.

Note: Seek medical advice if in any doubt about your injury.

FAQ (1)

1 Review
  • Anita J 11/02/2023
    Rolling down
    I bought the large size to stabilize my knee. There was no noticeable sizing on the box. The top of my thigh is 60 cm, well outside the recommended range of 43 to 49 cm listed on the Web site. When wearing the knee brace it works very well, but rolls down to the knee when walking. I will try adding an elasticated bandage at the top of the support and post if this works. I would recommend that the packaging has the size in cm, written prominently on the box.

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