Elastoplast offers a wide range of innovative, superior quality wound care and management products. Take a look at the below to find the best combination of products for your first aid kit and more. Protect and care for your family at every age and stage, with Elastoplast.

Essential wound dressing products

For everyday cuts, scrapes and bruises, plasters are a fast and reliable way to provide sterile protection and promote fast healing.



  • Antibacterial Fabric Plasters are a strong, flexible and reliable adhesive plaster. With firm adhesion and antiseptic silver in the cushioning wound pad, these plasters are ideal for reducing the risk of infection against a broad spectrum of bacteria.
  • Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster provides support for sports strapping or for fixation dressings used in the treatment of strain injuries. Offering strong adhesion and allowing the skin to breathe, they are perfect for long lasting wear.
  • Fabric Extra Flexible Plasters stretch with the skin’s movements, making them ideal for small everyday cuts and grazes in high movement areas. Their strong adhesion and non-stick wound pad provides cushioning and a firm seal around abrasions.
  • Knee & Elbow Water-Resistant Plastic Plasters provide flexible, breathable, water-resistant coverage and protection for injuries to joints and moveable parts of the body. Their larger size makes them ideal for elbow and knee injuries.
  • Kitchen Kit plasters are an assortment of multi-use plasters for kitchen-related injuries, such as knife wounds and burns. Available in four different shapes, as well as water-resistant and breathable varieties, there is a plaster for every need.



  • Conforming Bandages are durable compression bandages, suitable for longer term dressing retention in high movement areas. They are ideal for active people who require support in relieving injured joints.
  • Crepe Bandages are medium and heavy weight compression dressings which provide retention and support, following strains and sprains. They are ideal for reducing swelling in areas such as the wrists, ankles, knees, and around the elbows and arms.
  • Elastic Tubular Support Bandages provide compression and are suitable for the temporary relief of ankle and knee aches, and for securing wound dressings. These tubular bandages are comfortable to wear and simple to use.


  • Non-Stick Dressings are air-permeable, absorbent compresses, which are ideal for larger wounds. Made from sterile, non-woven material, they are kind to sensitive skin and are easy to remove.
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Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist please contact your healthcare practitioner.

Although compiled with great care, please note that the tips and advice given on this website by no means substitute medical advice and treatment. If you have or suspect a health problem, consult a doctor and follow medical advice regardless of what you have learned on this website. Always read carefully and follow the instructions for use or the leaflets of our products. For further information about our products, please contact us here.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.