Adjustable Ankle Support

Relief, protection and support for ankles

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  • Breathable, durable material
  • Adjustable for a personal fit
  • Suitable for everyday use

Adjustable Ankle Neoprene

Elastoplast Adjustable Ankle Support is designed to provide strength and stabilisation for weak or injured ankles. Through compression and all-round support, this adjustable ankle brace limits unwanted movement and supports weak tendons, preventing injury or re-injury. Also reduces swelling, pain and recovery time following minor sprains and strains.


Adjustable straps mean you can tailor the fit to you needs and sizing, while the breathable neoprene material fits under most footwear. Suitable for everyday use during sports or regular activity, on the left or right ankle.


To Fit Sizes Range: Adjustable


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Place your heel securely in the loop ensuring the smooth side faces the skin.
The support should then be wrapped from inside of the foot, over the foot arch towards the outside of the foot.
Wrap the support around the ankle, then attach the strap to the support.
Adjust tension to a desired comfort and support.
Note: Seek medical advice if in any doubt about your injury.
Code Size Quantity Colour
46780 M 1 Hangsell Tan
46781 S 1 Hangsell Tan
46782 L 1 Hangsell Tan
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
  1. 1. Which ankle brace is the best for basketball/volleyball?

    Basketball and volleyball are games that require a lot of running, pivoting and sudden stops. To best support your ankles during these activities, wear Elastoplast Adjustable Ankle Support under your footwear.

    This adjustable ankle brace helps stabilize the posterior tibialis and peroneal ankle muscles. These are both stabilising muscles and supporting them prevents injury or re-injury to the rest of the ankle structure. If you’re experiencing pain or swelling from a previous injury, it’s recommended to wear an adjustable ankle brace such as Elastoplast Adjustable Ankle Support during basketball or volleyball.

  2. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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Martin Simpson

Very impressed

Personally found it the best support I've tried. Have an ongoing issue with torn ankle ligaments and find, during episodes, this a well fitted and stable support. Thanks.

Very Poor Fit

Unfortunately I purchased two of the ankle braces and am so disappointed. The heel part does not fit well and slips off. Design is very poor. A waste of money!

The Elastoplast Team
Hi Anne, Thanks for your feedback regarding the Elastoplast Sport Adjustable Ankle Support. We're sorry to hear of your experience with our product and we would like to have the opportunity to discuss this further. If you can please e-mail us at We thank you for your comments.

Good support

Grade 3 tendon tear and required a moon boot for 6 weeks. The elastoplast sport is being used for light exercise during my rehab and feels comfortable and secure. Can be tightened as required or loosened if there is any minor swelling. So far happy with my purchase but it is only early days. Not sure how it will hold up with more vigorous exercise. Time will tell. But so far, so good. Keeps my ankle very stable but allows slight movement when required. Much more comfortable than the moon boot.
R Sykes

Poor design = poor fit

Not at all happy with the Elastoplast ankle brace. The heel section does not appear to stay in place when following the fitting instructions and dislodges more often than not. The article is not particularly comfortable to wear, particularly over an 8 hour day. One size fits all does not take into account larger ankles. I have gone back to wearing another device and this one will take up space in the bottom draw. Back to the drawing board for the 'expert' panel of advisors!

Elastoplast Team
Thank you for reaching out and providing your feedback. We apologise you were dissatisfied with the fit of the Elastoplast Sport Adjustable Ankle Brace on this occasion. We would like to be able to assist you further, if you can please e-mail us at Thanks, The Elastoplast Team

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