• 1/1 Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer
  • 1/1 Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

Adjustable Ankle Stabiliser

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Extra strong stabilisation
Side-stabilisers provide rigid support
Prevents injury and re-injury
Custom-fit, breathable material


Adjustable Ankle Stabiliser

The Elastoplast Adjustable Ankle Stabiliser provides rigid support and stabilisation for stiff, weak or injured ankles. Reinforced side stabilisers prevent unwanted lateral motion, giving ankles the support they need to rest and recover.


Adjustable straps make putting this ankle stabiliser on and taking it off easy, while also providing a personalised fit. Constructed using breathable materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex, making it comfortable to wear all day under shoes.


Wearable on both left and right ankles. One size fits most.


To Fit Sizes Range: 20.3cm – 25.4cm

How to Use

How to use

Step 1

Open all fasteners and slide foot into the stabiliser. Loop the top strap through the buckle , pull and secure it.

Step 2

Pull the left strap up over top of the foot, attaching the fastener to the opposite side of the stabiliser.

Step 3

Follow the same directions for the right strap. Adjust both straps until fit around bottom of the foot feels comfortable.


Note: Seek medical advice if in any doubt about your injury.

Packaging Size

Code Size Quantity Colour
Code: 47866 Size: Adjustable Quantity: 1 Hangsell Colour: Black

FAQ (1)

  • Can you run with an ankle brace?

    Yes, you can go running with an ankle brace on. Most ankle braces and ankle stabilisers can be worn over socks and under running shoes without hassle. Products like the Elastoplast Adjustable Ankle Stabiliser can provide very secure stabilisation for ankles, even while running.

    The bigger concern is whether your ankle is strong enough to be running – with or without an ankle brace on. Be sure to consult with your doctor before attempting to run on an injured or recovering ankle.

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