• 1/1 Professional Rigid Strapping Tape
  • 1/1 Professional Rigid Strapping Tape

Professional Rigid Strapping Tape

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For professional stabilisation of joints during vigorous physical activity

 - Injury support and prevention
-  Stable support for high impact activity
 - Highly adhesive and secure
 - Strong rayon construct for stability


Professional Rigid Strapping Tape

Elastoplast Professional Rigid Strapping Tape is a robust supportive tape that stabilises joints during vigorous physical activity in all conditions and is effective for both preventative and rehabilitation purposes. 

With high quality rayon for maximum support, the tape is designed to restrict the movement of ligaments, tendons and joints, preventing injury or re-injury in high-stress situations. 

Bulk cartons provide convenient transportation while maintaining product shapre and consistency. It has been constructed to be as stable as possible with a strong rayon backing and rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass. 

The product has serrated edges for fast application and to eliminate the likelihood of threading. 3.8cm - ideal to use when taping medium-large areas such as ankles and smaller knees.

Professional Rigid Strapping Tape


Size Quantity
3.8cm x 13.7m 8 Rolls
5cm x 13.7m 6 Rolls
5cm x 13.7m 20 Rolls
3.8CM x 13.7m 30 Rolls


Directions of use

Conduct a patch test on your arm or regularly taped area so that you can gauge if you are allergic to the rubber zinc oxide adhesive bandage.

For more information on common taping taping techniques visit: https://www.elastoplastsport.com.au/education-and-training/common-taping-techniques

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FAQ (1)

  • 1. How do I remove rigid strapping tape

    The most ideal way to remove strapping tape is with purpose-made bandage scissors. Place scissors over a soft part of your limb, then slide under the tape and cut. Use your fingers to peel down gently and evenly over the top of the tape. Avoid peeling at right angles away from the limb.
    Elastoplast strapping tapes are designed to not leave behind residue, but will sometimes remain quite sticky, even after extended periods of sweating. If removing your strapping tape is causing pain, try applying tape remover, eucalyptus oil or rubbing alcohol to dissolve the adhesive mass.

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