ABC Heat Plaster

Relieves pain caused by tension

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  • Intensive and long-lasting pain relief
  • Contains the clinically-proven ingredient capsaicin
  • Reliable adhesion

ABC Heat Plaster

The Elastoplast ABC Heat Plaster works to relieve lower back pain using heat from the clinically-proven ingredient capsaicin. The adhesive heat patch provides sustained heat, blocking the transmission of pain signals in the lower back.
Capsaicin is the active component found in chili peppers. When used topically through the Elastoplast ABC Heat Plaster, capsaicin can provide long-lasting pain relief from chronic back pain.
The ABC Heat Plaster is available in one size but can be cut to fit the affected area.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Clinical studies

Capsicum pain plaster in chronic non-specific low back pain.

Topical treatment of chronic low back pain with a capsicum plaster.


Soft extract of cayenne pepper corresponding to 11 mg capsaicinoids, calculated as capsaicin

Recommended use

To be used as supportive aid externally for the relief of muscle pain, e.g. back ache, shooting pains, stiff neck.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

How to use

After removing the backing paper, apply the plaster on dry skin directly over the affected area.
Press firmly and smooth down. Ensure that the entire area is covered. If required, the plaster can be cut down to size.
Product  Type  Size  Quantity
ABC Heat Plaster 
 22 x 14 cm
 1 Piece

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

Heat Therapy

  1. 1. I have heard that cold therapy is also a good way to relieve pain. When is cold therapy the right treatment and when is heat therapy?

    The therapeutic use of cold or warmth is a well-known physiotherapeutic treatment. Whether to use heat or cold on the affected area depends on the type of pain.

    • Heat is an effective way to relieve pain caused by muscle strain and tension, and in many cases applying external heat sources can relieve muscle pain.
    • Cold is recommended for acute conditions, such as acute inflammation or injuries, e.g. sports injuries such as sprains, contusions, bruising, and swelling.

    If you are in doubt as to whether to apply heat or cold, please consult a medical professional, such as a pharmacist or physician.

  2. 2. When should I use Elastoplast Capsaicin Heat Patches and what should Elastoplast Spiral Heat be used for?

    Both products can be used for the relief of musculoskeletal pain. They differ in their mode of action.

    • Elastoplast Capsaicin Heat Patches induce the feeling of warmth by means of a pharmacological ingredient and inhibit the pain-transmitting Substance P whereas Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pads are an external source of physical heat.
    • Elastoplast Spiral Heat Patches provide long-lasting deeply penetrating physical heat. They therefore can also be used by persons who react with unpleasant skin sensations when using capsaicin creams, ointments or pads.
  3. 3. Against which types of pain can the Elastoplast Spiral Heat Patches be used?

    The neck / back Elastoplast Spiral Heat is great for the relief of muscle pain in the low back or neck area.
    The main application for the multipurpose Elastoplast Spiral Heat is the relief of muscle, joint, wrist, knee and elbow pain.
    The heat patches provide pleasant concentrated warmth for the relief of muscle pain and to relax tight and cramped muscles. Please first consult your physician if you want to use the Elastoplast Spiral Heat Patch for other types of pain.
  4. 4. For how long should the Elastoplast Spiral Heat be applied?

    For best results, wear Spiral Heat for the full 12 hours. Using Spiral Heat for more than the recommended time can increase the risk of skin irritation or burns. If after 7 days the pain remains unchanged or worsens, consult your doctor to get it checked.
  5. 5. Can I wear the Elastoplast Spiral Heat Patch overnight?

    It is possible to wear the Elastoplast Spiral Heat Patch overnight, but we suggest first wearing it during the day in order to experience and assess the level of heat.

  6. 6. Is heat therapy good for lower back pain?

    Heat therapy is ideal for relieving general and chronic pain in muscles and joints. Using heat patches is a particularly effective way to target the swelling, stiffness and pain experienced from lower back pain.

  7. 7. How do heat therapy patches work?

    Heat therapy patches stick to the body and transfer heat into sore, fatigued and tense muscles. The Elastoplast ABC Heat Plaster uses the clinically-proven ingredient capsaicin (found in hot chilis) to provide this heat. When used, the heat patch warms up muscle tissue; increasing blood flow, increasing tissue flexibility, and soothing nerve endings. This results in the familiar feel of relief from a heat therapy patch.

  8. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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ABC heat plaster

When are you going to bring back this is the only thing that gives me pain relief

The best heat plaster I have ever used and I have tried them ALL!!

I have chronic pain and am in a lot of medication to treat it, but it’s still not enough to get rid of all my pain. While I wait to have back surgery I use these heat plasters, and have used them for over ten years. Problem is I can’t find anywhere that stocks them at the moment and I desperately need some!! Are you able to provide a list of stockists, or can we purchase from you on this website? I have tried every other type and brand on the market but nothing is as good as this one!

The Elastoplast Team
Thanks for getting in touch. We are so sorry that you have had difficulty finding our ABC Heat Plasters. Unfortunately, we have had some issues in relation to a raw ingredient which has resulted in lower stock than expected. We are so sorry for the inconvenience and hope to get this product back in your local store as soon as possible. Thanks, The Elastoplast Team

Pain free

Best heat patch ive ever used. Gets me out of pain
Sue R.

Amazing product

Using this for the first time today. I can actually move my head now, without the gripping pain in the back of my neck. I've had no reaction to the product at all. I have now recommended it to my daughter who suffers chronic shoulder bursitis, and knee pain.

ABC heat plasters

I am a huge fan of these as you can cut them to size
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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Heat Plaster