Active Cushioning Tape

Provides a cushioned barrier to prevent blisters, reduce rubbing and enhance comfort

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  • Hypoallergenic, pain-free removal
  • Extra-wide, even contour
  • Hand-tearable for a customised fit

The Elastoplast Active Cushioning Tape is a unique extra-wide, surgical foam tape that allows freedom of movement whilst providing maximum cushioning and protection from blisters, rubbing, pinching, friction and chafing.

It is suitable for use on palms and hands during activities such as weight-lifting, golf, hockey, tennis or cycling. It is also suitable to use on ankles and feet during exercise, walking, running or with new shoes to prevent discomfort.

The Active Cushioning Tape is hand-tearable, which allows for a customised fit with faster and easier application with no scissors required.

Tear tape to desired length, then apply directly to dry skin prior to activity to protect.
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42122 50mm x 3m 1 Roll

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GO TO TAPE! Perfect for blisters/ rubbing

Elastoplast’s Active Cushioning Tape is perfect to cover up any hot spots when I go for a run, bike ride or even playing tennis socially. The tape is hand tearable which makes it very easy to use if I am mid run and need to use it! Very comfortable and cushioning.

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Active Cushioning Tape | Elastoplast

Provides a cushioned barrier to prevent blisters, reduce rubbing and enhance comfort