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Elastoplast Sport is proud to present The Smart Sport Lesson Kit that has been developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport.

These lesson plans have been developed to increase students' knowledge of sporting injuries, injury prevention and management, and are appropriate for teaching students under the Safe Living strand of the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus.

These lessons have been designed for students at stage 4. There are four stand-alone lessons that will take approximately 35-40 mins each. These lessons will fit into a whole unit of work or as stand-alone lessons.

The outcomes of each lesson are in line with the learning outcomes contained in the NSW Board of Studies PDHPE syllabus. Student outcomes are written at the top of each lesson.


  • Student worksheets and handouts (original to be photocopied)
  • Teacher Notes - step-by-step notes (with answers to student worksheets) and background
  • RICER, HARM and TOTAPS messages to help students learn
  • Diagrams of correct taping methods


  • Sports Injuries
  • Classifying Sports Injuries
  • Sports Injury Prevention (Taping Techniques & Warming Up) Sports Injury Management - RICER Treating Sporting Injuries


To download the lesson kits, simply click on the links below. You can then print out the lesson kits on any A4 printer or save these files.

About the Smart Sport Lesson Kits

About The Smart Sport Lesson Kits

Lesson 1 - Sport Injury Management

Overview - Sport Injury Management

Lesson 2 - Sport Injury Prevention

Overview - Sport Injury Prevention

Lesson 3 - Injury Management

Overview - Injury Management

Lesson 4 - Strapping Injuries

Overview - Strapping Injuries

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