2020 Premium Rewards Pack

This pack includes the following items: 
  • 1 x Trolley Bag
  • 1 x Medium Trauma Bag
  • 2 x Massage Mats
  • 2 x Sideline Blankets
  • 4 x Bum Bags
  • 4 x Lister Scissors
  • 8 x Hand Towels
  • 8 x Drink Bottles

To claim your Premium Rewards Pack, simply complete the details in the below PDF and then email the form, along with your proof of purchase, to the listed contact.

You can download the form from the link below.

Download Elastoplast Sport Premium Rewards Form
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Elastoplast 2020 Premium Rewards

Redeem a 2020 premium rewards pack when you spend $1,000 RRP on Elastoplast Sport and/or Leuko Sports Medicine products.