Gold Loyalty Reward Pack
When you spend $1,750 on Elastoplast Sport and/or Elastoplast and/or Leuko Sports products.

To reward loyal customers, those who spend at least $1,750 on Elastoplast Sport, Elastoplast and / or Leuko Sport are eligible to claim an Elastoplast Sport Gold Loyalty Rewards Pack.

The pack includes:

  • 2 x Trolly Bags
  • 6 x Scissors
  • 3 x Bum Bags
  • 12 x Water Bottles
  • 12 x Hand Towels
  • 2 x Cooler Bags
  • 3 x Mini Trauma Bags

To claim your Elastoplast Sport Premium Rewards simply complete the details in the below PDF and then fax the form, along with your proof of purchase, to your state Beiersdorf representative.

You can download the form from the link below.

Gold Loyalty Reward Pack

Gold Loyalty Reward Pack