Waterproof Bandages: Tough Protection for Tough Projects

Like to get your hands dirty, but not your wounds? Elastoplast’s new bandage combines toughness with waterproof properties and high-comfort. Extra strong protection in even the toughest of DIY situations.

Tough jobs - new neat bandage

Not only is a well-equipped tool kit essential to get a job done smoothly – the right bandage is, too. If you do have a wound that needs covering, try Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Waterproof Plaster. Not only will it protect your wound and allow you to continue it will also stay stuck till the end of the day.

In situations like this, you need a bandage that sticks to you even when the job gets tough. Don't forget to clean your wound and use an antiseptic before putting on the heavy fabric waterproof bandage.

What makes heavy fabric waterproof so special?

1. It is the first fabric bandage that is waterproof

Garden work or washing the car? No problem. Thanks to its innovative and breathable hi-dry tex material, heavy fabric waterproof will let you get on with your work and chores, without the bandage peeling off. And thanks to its hi-dry tex technology the bandage is equipped with a special membrane layer to make it waterproof and breathable at the same time.

2. This bandage really sticks!

The strong adhesion of Elastoplast’s heavy fabric waterproof will leave the bandage in place, where you want it, as long as you need it. No matter if you are building a garden shed or washing your car – you can just keep on doing what you’re doing.

3. Heavy fabric waterproof is sturdy, yet flexible

The Heavy Fabric Waterproof Plaster is made up of several protective layers: it consists of a comfortable wound pad, a membrane layer and a textile layer. These make the bandage breathable and waterproof at the same time. And what’s more: the extra resistant and heavy duty fabric will not only deliver extra strong protection for your wound, but will also stretch and feel comfortable.

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The unique hi-dry tex technology: what it is, how it works

Elastoplast developed this three-layer technology for improved wound protection and the demands of working in everyday and DIY situations. Hi-dry tex technology makes the bandage waterproof, breathable and ensures strong adhesion. Thanks to its heavy duty fabric and a waterproof, yet breathable membrane, the flexible fabric ensures not only utmost comfort for you, but also protection from moisture and water for your wound.

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