Elastic Adhesive Bandage
Assists with the prevention of joint injury.

  • Strong cotton based
  • Remains in place during vigorous exercise

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Elastoplast Sport Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a strong cotton backed cloth, porous with an aggressive sticking zinc oxide adhesive mass. 
  • It's strength and porosity enables the bandage to remain in place during all sporting pursuits involving vigorous exercise 
  • It has a central yellow line to assist in the correct bandaging alignment when applying to any area.           
The Elastic Adhesive Bandage can also be used to support muscle injuries, such as hamstring or calf strains.
Code Size Quantity Colour Carton
37005 50mm x 3m 1 Roll White 10 x 6
37007 75mm x 3m 1 Roll White 10 x 6