Limited Edition

Coloured Plaster
Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

A rainbow of coloured and patterned plasters that will brighten up your mood.

  • Eye catching patterns and colours
  • 16 colourful plaster strips
  • Wound protection from Elastoplast Experts
  • Skin friendly
  • Painless to remove

Limited Edition Coloured Plasters

Add a little colour to your life with this new range of coloured and patterned plasters. Dealing with everyday cuts, scratches and grazes can actually be fun! Choose from Don’t Worry with uni-colour plasters or Be Happy with specially designed patterns....or why not brighten up your day with both?

Don’t Worry!

These super-vibrant, uni-colour plasters are lots of fun. Choose a colour to match your mood today – there’s a rainbow of shades to choose from!

Be Happy!

This box of patterned designs is sure to add happiness to your day. From flamingos, to stars to watermelons! Which of the breezy, sunny patterns will you choose this time?

Elastoplast Limited Edition Coloured Plasters

Trusted Wound Protection

Remember, alongside these limited edition patterns and colours is the trusted wound care of Elastoplast. The patterns and colours are safe and painless to remove. The flexible material is water-resistant and protects wounds from dirt.

Don’t Worry Be Happy! Elastoplast Limited Edition Coloured Plasters

Colour your life with a new range of Elastoplast limited edition coloured plasters