Elastic Tubular Support Bandage

Provides compression

  • Suitable for ankles and knee applications
  • For temporary relief of tired, aching limbs
  • For securing wound dressings and protecting wound sites
Elastic Tubular Support Bandage Pack - Elastoplast
Elastoplast Elastic Tubular support bandages are comfortable to wear and simple to use, without ties or tape required to hold them in place. They apply even compression to help reduce swelling and provide extra support for joints - even during sporting activity.

Our Elastic Tubular compression bandages can provide temporary relief for tired and aching limbs. They secure wound dressings and offer support and protection for wound sites.

The tubular bandage can be used for knee injuries, providing basic support for weak or injured knees. It is suitable for application around the wrist, elbow, arm, ankle, knee and thigh.